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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  March 1, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> he looks good. >> we'll see in a few months. >> all right. sounds good. >> "dancing with the stars" returns to abc on monday, march 21st. >> can't wait for that. that is what is making news in america this live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, what a difference a day makes? from near 70 to freezing in just 24 hours. good morning, washington. thanks for joining us, i am alison starling. >> i am scott thuman. first, traffic and weather. we will check in with lisa baden shortly. meteorologist adam caskey is up first, because it has been a dramatic change. >> yes, cold front moving through the region in late february and early march, packing a plunge in terms of
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temperatures. yesterday morning we were in low 40's. right now we are in the 30's. 35 in the district, 30 in hagerstown, 32 incumbent, 36 in quantico, 40 in lexington park. temperatures are still falling as we go through the morning before sunrise at 6:41. highs today around 49 or 50. mostly sunny skies tomorrow and a little breezy. it will be mild with high temperatures in the mid to upper 50's tomorrow afternoon. then temperatures dropped to a low 40's on thursday. the next chance of precipitation is on sunday. that's it for the forecast. the third street tunnel is closed southbound. you cannot get into the tunnel from the york avenue because of an accident that happened
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overnight. our documented a crash. the southbound direction is closed. -- they are documented in a crash. no troubles in virginia as far as interstate travel. looks good all the way around the beltway. let's show you the beltway, a very quiet. back to you. >> thank you. despite the growing crisis in libya, moammar gaddafi says this people love him and he will not step down, >> anti-government protesters continue moving toward tripoli, intent on ousting longtime leader. our reaction from the white house and more. >> despite anti-government protesters closing in around his capital city, the libyan leader insisted to abc news that there are no protesters in his
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country. >> they love me all. they would die to protect me. >> this is the only american reporter to sit down with moammar gaddafi. he says that he has not ordered his people killed although the u.n. estimates hundreds or thousands have died. >> the international community is worried about chemical weapons. would you ever use those? >> is it reasonable that any sensible man would use such a weapon against his own people? >> the u.s. ambassador to the united nations says that moammar gaddafi is disconnected from its people. >> he is delusional. >> the u.s. treasury department has frozen $30 billion in libyan assets and u.s. forces are moving closer to the country. >> he has lost the legitimacy to govern and it's time for him to
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go off without further violence or the lead. >> the u.n. says is too dangerous for international aid agencies to assess the needs in libya. they could deliver supplies into neighboring tunisia to melt brevities -- to help refugees. he claims that he's been betrayed by the u.s. because he says president obama is misinformed. the libyan embassy in washington today will raise a flag used before the leader took power in 1959. -- 1969. the state department replaced its ambassador to the u.n. after he said he supported the protesters. there's a of alert for the metro region. an airline passenger who contract to the measles may have come into contact with people in the district. the woman are not at dulles airport october 820 and left the region through bwi marshall two yeardays later.
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she went to the potbellies and which shot on irving street and may have come into contact with a bus travelers between georgetown and columbia heights. the road and the times are on your screen. -- route. there was another escalator mishap yesterday and just two days after metro released this video of last october owes the incident. that injured at least four. yesterday an escalator at dupont circle broke and cost passengers to fall. it appears to stem from a handrail. no one was injured. on the hill, a government shutdown could be averted for now at least. the white house says it could support a republican bill to keep the government running through march 18. the legislation, also, contains $4 billion in spending cuts. some democrats criticized the bill and the white house will not say if president obama will
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sign it. nurses at washington hospital center in northwest d.c. are planning a one-day strike this friday. are calling for union members across the dc metro area. the standoff over a new contract has dragged on for the past year. the nurses say the labor unrest in wisconsin is invigorating their efforts. >> we have participated in solidarity in d.c. to support our brothers and sisters in wisconsin. >> this is ground zero. >> the hospital says it has plenty upset fill-in nurses and will remain operational. looks like high oil prices are not hurting automobile sales. >> to investigation into one of the nation's biggest banks could mean billions of dollars in fines. the newo to linda bell
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york. >> here's the story. j.p. morgan chase may face billions of dollars in fines and other added costs stemming from investigations of its mortgage servicing procedure. that's according to its annual filing with the fcc. 10,000 legal proceedings ranging from federal and state legislations. the defense department may invest in more alternative fuel. this is as the pentagon's petroleum cost peaks at $18 billion in 2008. the congressional budget service or whether the congressional research service says that is when crude prices were over $100 a barrel and the department of defense is the largest energy user in the federal government. february auto sales numbers sparkled later today. economists predicted sales will be the strongest we've seen since the cash for clunkers program.
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's drove sales in february. we don't know when they high oil prices will hurt sales moving forward. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. 35 degrees on this tuesday morning, 4:38. high-profilesheen's public meltdown. a sitcom star is not backing down from his fight with cbs. >> a makeover of adams morgan and the reason local business owners are upset. and the reason local business owners are upset.
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captioned by the national captioning institute > tuesday morning, 37 degrees in beltsville, 33 in winchester, 36 in riverdale, 33 in strasbourg, virginia -- strasburg. 31 in brunswick, 34 la plata. 10 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. noticed a clearing line behind a cold front pushing out to se a. we have clear skies. i expect total sunshine today
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and maybe a few clouds. cooler than yesterday. yesterday we reached 72 degrees at reagan national. today, coastal 50 degrees or mid to upper for deposing across the region today. tonight dropping down to near freezing. that is average for this time of year. a lot of sunshine terrell and to belittle warmer and breezy, a warm breeze. highs in the mid to upper 50's tomorrow afternoon. temperatures go up and down for the rest of this or we. by sunday, the next chance of rain. i just spoke with ddot, wondering where you could get into the southbound third street tunnel. it's closed at the new york avenue because of an accident. i wondered if you could access from madison avenue and and the answer is no. the complete closure of the southbound third street tunnel is from end to end, so between
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new york avenue and that's the way. northbound third street tunnel is open. we have nothing to report from north east washington, se looks pretty good. suitland parkway as well, t 295. 270 moving well at montrose. back to you. >> thank you. 35 degrees outside, 4:43. >> new details about the district's suv scandal. roll.t's how i >> charlie sheen coming clean.
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[ dog barking, sirens wailing ] [ alarm sounding ] ♪ [ woman ] please say "one" to speak to a representative. one. one. [ sneezes ]
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a little off the sides. [ scissors snipping, razor buzzing ] ♪ no! [ male announcer ] these days, it's hard to find good customer service. thankfully, there's still one place that gets it right. welcome back. drugs, alcohol, and prostitutes are not stopping charlie sheen. the start delivering blistering comments at his bosses and anyone else standing in his way. now the latest from that controversial actor. >> i am on the drug. it is called charlie sheen. >> he is talking once again. people are once again glistening, even if it is so reluctantly. >> we have to move on from that guy. >> he unleashed his venom
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against his former bosses at cbs, bosses who suspended production of his highly successful picks it, because of his erratic off-screen behavior, his party and, an admitted drug use. >> i was finishing rocks because that is how i rolled. >> he plans on taking legal action against them. it's hard to find anyone on the streets of the d.c. area who had not ordered of his troubles. >> as long as he did not consult anyone or hurt anyone or do anything wrong to anyone else, he has every right to be a party animal. .> i don't think he is worth it >> i wish people would shift that focus on to themselves and spend a little more time on their home front and not some distant planet that is me.
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>> you can see more bad interview at 7:00 on "good morning america." the maryland house committee could vote on a bill to legalize same-sex marriage. that bill would then move to the full house of delegates. a member of supporters have 68 of a 71 votes needed. the maryland senate passed a similar bill last week. chemicals used to making fake marijuana products are banned. the fda or rather the federal drug enforcement administration has permitted those chemicals from being sold for at least one year. that comes after a surge in people having seizures, hallucinations, and other adverse effects after using those products. there's a new revue that fines d.c. government brokaw when it leased the luxury suv
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council chairl to a kwame brown. the only exception is if the vehicles are for public safety department including police and fire, over a certain size and weight. >> it's not just this administration. it's the previous administration and possibly the administration before. >> there's a hearing for march 17. kwame brown returned the two vehicles after he learned they were costing taxpayers about $4,000 a month. the d.c. attorney general post office plans to set a time line for under breathalyzer test. yesterday council members said they were upset by the lack of progress in developing a better test. dozens of drunk driving conditions were thrown out after it was revealed the tests police were using were flawed.
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classified loved ones held a vigil at they home of the d.c. teenager shot and killed on her front porch. 18-year-old lucky and all died probablywas not the intended target of the shooter and police are searching for the gunman. we have 35 degrees on this tuesday morning. >> coming up, adams morgan gets a makeover and a major impact on traffic, pedestrians, and businesses. traffic, pedestrians, and businesses.
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